Clarification of the roles of Gabai and Sh’Latz


Second part, minute 1


Rav : The role of the Sh’Latz (Community Delegate) is that he needs to awaken his ten several times a day to read a short sentence, perhaps from the Psalms or Rabash or Baal HaSulam, but short things.  That are suitable for us, that concentrate on being together, in a desire oriented towards the Creator. Israel, the scale and the Creator are One. This is what we need: to be connected in this way through this verse.  You will find these quotes for us. That’s the role of the Sh’Latz. The Gabai (Collector) must organize the group towards… What do you have there? 3 conferences per day. He must ensure that these are not mere coincidences.  There is a person committed to this task and they must do it. And if they don’t, you have to demand it from them. Not to replace this one with this one unless, unfortunately, an event occurred that prevents this person from performing.  If he has a certain problem. But, fundamentally, everyone must be in the role. Both this role and the other. How long should it be? For a week, I’m Gabai and the other one, I’m Sh’Latz and everyone in the ten goes through these roles.


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