How To Rise Above Time

Question: How can I rise above time?

Answer: In order to rise above time, you need to tell yourself that you do not have a next moment—everything is in this instant. You should live this way; there is only one instant. In each moment, you do not transfer yourself into the next one, but at this instant, you start and finish as if life is really ending.

Then you suddenly feel that this same moment begins to expand and there are an enormous amount of actions, thoughts, and deeds in it, but time disappears.

After all, time does not exist; it is our subjective feeling.

Question: What, then, is the future?

Answer: The future is completely unrelated to time. The future is what happens after the action I now perform. It is a different dimension in which the axis of time is nonexistent. After all, the axis of time assumes that regardless of whether or not I exist, whether or not I do something, time passes independently of me.

The wisdom of Kabbalah, however, says that this is not the case. It states that you must give up such an attitude to life and decide that only you create your own states. If you do not create them, then time does not move, nothing passes by itself from one moment to the next. If you did something in this instant, it is then called “a moment,” and each subsequent moment carries out in this manner.

We live in the world which, according to Kabbalah, is considered illusory and imaginary. The main lie we live in is that we exist in time.

Therefore, Einstein indeed made a revolution by declaring time a subjective concept, with nothing absolute about it that would happen with or without a person.

Time is a person’s inner sensation. If we rise above our egoism, then there is no time.

From the Talk on the subject of “Time” 2/5/18

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