• Hours of free video content

    Gain access to all the archives of lessons and videos we produce with a large variety of Kabbalistic materials

  • Dozens of translated materials

    Books and source materials are all translated for you to use freely in the learning environnment. You can download and print these materials at your convenience.

  • Direct access to teachers

    When you signup you can ask as many questions as you please, a teacher will answer your questions and you can also ask questions addressed to Dr. Michael Laitman.

  • Access to a connected community

    You are not alone! Hundrends of students in your country and accross the globe are studying with you, and we organise various events both online and in the real world, to meet and get to know each other better.

  • Invites to special events

    Students and members of the academy are invited to local events restricted to the learning community. Sign up and don’t miss an opportunity!

  • We have cookies

    Ok, we made this one up 🙂 but we do eat cookies sometimes, and we would be happy to share some with you.

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