Reality And Its Expansion


Reality is a word that usually sparks an awakening of one’s imagination towards what he can discover within his perception.The totality of what a person sees, tastes, hears, feels and smells, brings him to a particular opinion about what he discovers. And this discovery is always proportional to the extent to which one can receive in his perception. A person is always torn between two opposites, right and left or good and bad and how a particular experience feels between these ever expanding two sides of this spectrum of good and bad within his perception.

The question is, what do I prefer? Of course, I prefer the good. But at what cost? What am I prepared to sacrifice, in return for this good? How much effort is required for me to gain this good? From where can I get this good? Who can give me this good? How long can I keep this good for? These are all pure calculations that usually run through a person’s mind before he makes a decision internally and then consequently implements that internal decision with external actions towards the realisation of its fulfilment.

What is the purpose of life? This is an internal question that everyone asks at various stages in life according to a person’s internal development. What is my aim with regards to this or that? What is my goal? As it is written, a journey must be defined by a goal. The end of a matter is in its initial thought. Through this end goal, a person can start planning and taking the required steps in the right direction towards its achievement. Some people get answers quickly to these internal questions through the influence of their good environment. Others do not receive answers to these questions, hence they keep seeking through different influences.
First, he who does not know must learn, either from his own experience or from others who have attained what is being sought. We know this  from our sages as it is written :

“Adam ha Rishon, [The First Man ] was the first to receive a sequence of sufficient knowledge by which to understand and to successfully maximise everything he saw and attained with his eyes.And this understanding is called “the wisdom of truth”
(Baal HaSulam “The teaching of the Kabbalah and its Essence”)

Our sages tell us that the day that Adam begun discovering this wisdom of truth is known as the “Day of the Creation of the World”, and this marks the beginning of the discovery of new realities by humanity. This discovery marks the source of the wisdom of truth that has been passed down from Adam, cascading down through ten generations to the time of  Noah and then through a further ten generations to the time of the patriarch Abraham and through to our time.

Our sages write that all of  reality is one and everything is interconnected and interdependent in this one quality called love which is infinite in nature and fills the whole of reality. To discover this, our five senses wouldn’t be enough since we have already tried and tested them and we know we cannot even discover radio waves with our five senses alone, let alone see farther than our eyes can see. This limits us greatly. This makes it imperative that for us to expand our reality outside ‘our box’, we need to build new capacities, instruments or vessels that can help us discover this one unique quality that fills the entire reality. The educational method of building these new vessels is rooted in the Wisdom of Kabbalah (The wisdom of truth). Kabbalists who attained these capacities write that for us to discover anything, we need to build qualities similar to that we want to discover. One common desire of the whole of humanity is that we desire the quality of love. Through the wisdom of kabbalah humanity can alter its internality towards building equivalence to this quality of love that we wish to discover, and through this, all transgressions will be covered.

As it is written:Hatred stirs up quarrels but love covers all transgressions”.(Mishlei 10:12)


Bright Kane is a 35-year-old Ghanaian national who lives in Northampton, United Kingdom. Bright started studying the wisdom of Kabbalah in 2013 and is a member of Bnei Baruch United Kingdom.

The Science of Kabbalah- What is the meaning of Life?

The science of Kabbalah- What is the meaning of Life?

We see through the centuries and many generations how human life has evolved. From hunters to gatherers in the early stages of man, to the more modern era of global trade and an integrated network of connection that maintains a global existence.

We see how the world has moved from one era to another, where humans tried to fulfil their basic desires for food, sex, and shelter, to communal living, subsistence and a need to continually improve the quality of their standard of living.

After many millennia  we have now reached a new period where we see and  feel that the chasing and fulfilment of the initial desires, hold no fulfilment to the question of :

What are we living for?


We are now at a point where we see and feel that gaining more of everything we personally desire (fills and satiates us), doesn’t fulfil us, other than for a brief instant of pleasure, fades within a short period of time, and then, we try to move on to something new, to regain the pleasure we experienced once more.

Increasingly, people have begun to ask the questions

 For what reason do we live and die?

 What is the reason and purpose to life?

We have reached a new era where humans start to feel that life isn’t worth living chasing transient fulfilment of desires of the body. We want to feel and fulfil a greater desire. We ask the question repeatedly-What is the meaning of my Life?

At this point, and with this question in mind,  we are brought unconsciously in a quest for answers, to the one place we can find it – The Kabbalah.

Kabbalah opens up new thoughts, questions, and desires within us. Kabbalah gives us  answers to the questions about life itself such as:

  • What and who are we?
  • Where do we come from?
  • Where are we going?
  • What is life?
  • What are human beings?
  • What is all this life I see that surrounds me?
  • What is it all for?

To quote one of the greatest Kabbalist’s of modern times!
Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag.
(Baal HaSulam)

“Humanity seems to be plunging into depression, suicide and drugs abound, and people are trying to disengage themselves from the world, and suppress their feelings. Terrorism and a rapid upsurge in natural disasters are symptoms of a global crisis, and all these states are leading humanity to one fundamental question: What is the meaning of life?

The science of Kabbalah has been concealed over millennia for this very reason. People were not ready for it and did not need it. But in recent years its appeal has risen dramatically. Many have taken up Kabbalah studies, curious as to what it can give them.

Once a person realises that Kabbalah answers the question about the meaning of life, he or she no longer feels intimidated.
Thus, today people are ready for the science of Kabbalah. It welcomes all those who truly seek to discover the meaning of life, the source of our existence, and offers a practical method of attaining it.

I implore anyone reading this blog!
Don’t give up; Seek your answers; look in the one place you will find answers- Kabbalah

Blogger- Michael Bush is a serious student of Rav Michael Laitman who has been studying Kabbalah since 2012. Michael Bush is a member of Bnei Baruch United Kingdom and lives in Chester.