What Is The Difference Between A Kabbalist And A Scientist?

Question: What is the difference between a scientist in our world and a Kabbalist?

Answer: A Kabbalist is a researcher as is the scientist of our world; the Kabbalist simply has more universal instruments of knowledge in his hands. He ascends above his animal nature and explores what is called “the spiritual nature.”

The scientists of our world study what is in them from birth, and therefore, they perceive everything within the framework of our world. The difference between a Kabbalist and a scientist of our world is only in the field of their comprehension. Therefore, a Kabbalist is the same kind of scientist, only engage in the next, upper world.

If in our world a scientist has to develop his regular feelings and mind qualitatively and quantitatively, a Kabbalist must develop completely new desires, thoughts, and intellect, which have nothing to do with the physical world. The upper world is perceived and explored in these new desires and thoughts, and this is the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Question: Various tools such as microscopes and telescopes were created to study this world. What tools does a Kabbalist have?

Answer: It is the Kabbalist himself! The expansion of one’s inner perception is his or her only tool.

From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/11/18

The Future World

Question: What is the “future” or the “next world” in Kabbalah?

Answer: The future world is the one I will attain through studying Kabbalah. It is the next world because it is on the next level of perception.

However, it is a real world. I just need to change my qualities a little, from reception to bestowal, and I will see an inverted world.

From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/4/18

Double Citizenship

After establishing himself in the spiritual world, a person transfers small portions of the King’s treasury from the old to a new state until he transfers it all. And although he does not see the fruit of his work, he tries to believe that he is working correctly.

The old home state is within me and within each of us. I took great care of it and accumulated a lot of property there—this is all my property, all of me; it is what gives me a feeling of life, of confidence. It all belongs to me and no one is allowed to touch it!

And suddenly, I decide that the most important thing for me is precisely what is outside my body, that is, other people, and I want to convey it to them. And then I begin to pull desires together with the fillings out of myself and pass them on to all the rest. I expect this to be my second state.

In carrying out this work, I begin to understand that in fact only the attitude I created in myself now with the help of the upper power and acting for the sake of what is outside of me is the only correct form of behavior.

It gives me freedom, allows me not to be attached to my desire to enjoy, not to live inside it, but to move into the desire for bestowal, to the stage of Bina. In this way we move from this world to the upper world.1

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/18, Lesson on the Topic: “Attacking the Connection”
1 Minute 46:30

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A Gift From Above

Question: Can I say that my terrible disappointment in ordinary life is a gift to help me come to the truth of the upper world?

Answer: Definitely! It is really a gift. After all, so many people are still chasing satisfaction in material goals.

At the same time, Kabbalists in no way say that a person should become a hermit, limit himself, starve, and so on. On the contrary, enjoy life! Give the body what it wants. The main thing is that it does not interfere with you, does not take too much time and effort, and gives you the opportunity to study the higher nature.

From Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/7/18

My Way

Question: Is it difficult being Michael Laitman?

Answer: I do not know. I never asked nor answered this question. I have a duty, and I must realize it.

Remark: But people know you, criticize you, love you—whatever…

My Comment: As for whether they love me more or hate me more, I find it difficult to say. And to work for posterity only for the sake of being appreciated afterward is also not in my nature.

I will say only one thing. At the age of thirty-five, I was a fairly wealthy man who could afford not to work and to live peacefully somewhere on an island or in Canada. One could prefer this kind of life, but I could not afford it.

I chose the path with a lot of mistakes, doubts, and torments. But this is my way.


From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/31/17

The Creator – The Teacher

Question: Can the Creator be a person’s direct teacher?

Answer: No. Our egoism would want this because it wants to receive, to capture, to seize, to enslave. The Creator can serve as a teacher only through the group, within it. To the same degree that I merge with the group, enter into it, dissolve within it, I begin to discover the presence of the Creator within it.

From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/31/17

Spiritual Root Of Earthly Faith

Question: Each phenomenon has its own spiritual root. What is the spiritual root of ordinary, earthly faith that is below reason without confirmation within reason?

Answer: The spiritual root of ordinary, earthly faith is a fear of death, of extinction.

Question: If there were no death, would there be no different beliefs?

Answer: Of course. Where do they come from? If we build faith only on the basis of feeling good or bad in this life, then beliefs would exist in a different form. The greatest loss is the loss of life. Small losses during life would create slightly different beliefs and religions.

Question: Does it mean that if a person is so afraid of death, he is ready to live forever?

Answer: If you gave a person an opportunity to live forever and followed him, you would see how he would feel in a couple of hundred years. It is a terrible state, worse than death, where every day is the same.


From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/17/17

Most Important Is An Abundance of Patience

The difficult thing about studying Kabbalah is that it requires you to acquire new values. That is why those who are not ready or willing to do so due to lack of patience, leave. They do not believe that this study will bring them actual results and do not really understand what this science is about.

Here you need patience to let the upper Light work on you—the force that transforms us into a new being. Gradually, we begin to feel, understand, and judge through new definitions.

Although it seems like someone is the same person on the outside, in reality he is completely different. He is impossible to define by the regular, corporeal definitions, values, and rules. Now he thinks in terms of similarity of form with the upper force, quite differently.

Such qualitative change is received through the influence of the upper Light, through undergoing an intricate inner revolution. This takes many years because such changes occur in a person gradually, in small steps.

And even this is hard to take. It is much easier to advance with the group that you can hold onto. If a person holds onto the group with his eyes closed, he overcomes all the difficulties.

He closes the door on his old values and receives new ones from the group, from the unification of the friends, meaning the new Kli, where ten become as one: he receives a new mind and feelings, a new attitude, new measurement units.

It is a very delicate, difficult period about which it is written: “A thousand enter the classroom and only one exits into the Light.” You have to have plenty of patience for the upper Light to work on you and give you new qualities. When it is said: “Do anything but leave,” this is what it is talking about.


From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/5/18, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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