Second Assignment – Getting out of the situation

The second homework is that they should write at a different time how much they would like to exit this state of indifference, from this swamp, it should be written emotionally, as truly the desperate person, that for example has a glass of water and he is dying of thirst, and all he  needs to do is to stretch out his arm and take the glass of water and drink it, but he does not have the strength to do so. This is variation 1. Variation 2 is like a mother and her baby, she has food, and the baby is crying of hunger, but she is unable to hand the baby food. Something is stopping her.

All sorts of different forms that we want them to illustrate for us the state of powerlessness, lack of importance of the goal and helplessness. We need this to enable us to include ourselves in those desires. To carry them out for them, but not instead of them but together with them, and not together with them but to give them strength so they can carry them out. Like one body.

First Assigment – Collecting the deficiencies

We need to collect everyone answers and arguments about why in our group in Europe, all the individual people that are located in all kinds of places in Europe cannot connect? Even though we’ve been hearing it for years, that the solution is in the unity between us.

Don’t answer it in a general way, such as “ it’s our will to receive” “we are egotists” etc etc.
But we want them to point out the weak points, the points of friction between one another, those that they are unable to overcome.

Additionally it is not just these severe points, also the heavy indifference that we cannot overcome.

This impression we want for us all, the entire world kli, to feel inside of us.

We want to empathise with them, to experience the same state of indifference, heaviness, carelessness, and lack… As if I have no strength to lift my hand from the table. That I understand on the one hand, that I need to connect with my friend who lives somewhere in the Netherlands, but on the other hand I live in Budapest and cannot do it, I reject it, rejections on top of rejections.

So we want this feeling that will be clear to everyone, so much so that we all feel it and cannot do anything with it. Like if they would tell me that if you don’t connect now I receive a blow to the head, but I still cannot, and I agree to receive the blow to my head. We want first and foremost all our friends in Europe to write these kinds of stories, in their native language.

We want to be immersed with all the despair, helplessness, powerlessness, and lack of importance of the goal. We want to include ourselves in all these things, this needs to be as an infrastructure.

This is the first homework.

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