Kabbalistic Hebrew: Cracking the Code – for Beginners

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This is the first in a series of four courses in Hebrew from Spiritual Root to Branch.

Hebrew from Spiritual Root to Branch-Part 1 is a ten-session introductory level course designed specifically for students who desire to learn the secrets of the Hebrew letters and language to deepen their spiritual study of the wisdom of Kabbalah. In addition to learning the aleph-bet and nekudot in print and script, students will focus on the internal spiritual information contained within each Hebrew letter and point.

Each Hebrew letter will be introduced through exploration of the drawings of Dr. Michael Laitman who explains the “story”of lights and vessels contained within each letter. Students will enhance their Hebrew vocabulary by studying short passages from classic Kabbalah texts. Through story and presentation, students will learn about the uniqueness and spiritual attributes of Hebrew, how Hebrew relates to man’s personal spiritual work, receive an overview of the primary classic Kabbalistic writings, and integrate their knowledge in dialogue circles. Students will be taught basic reading and pronunciation rules for Hebrew that will help them sound more like native speakers. Students will have ample opportunity to get all their questions about the secrets of the Hebrew language answered. The course will be taught by Dr. Benzion Giertz, a native Hebrew speaker who has been Chief Editor and research program director at Kabbalah La’am Publishing House and Bnei Baruch for 20 years. Hebrew from Spiritual Root to Branch will be taught through the Zoom web conferencing platform that allows students to study from the comfort of home yet feel and interact as if they sit together in a physical classroom.



Cracking the code 010 [02-09-2018]

Length: 60 minutesComplexity: Easy

Zoom for the lesson: https://zoom.us/j/337172608 Topic: General overview of the course materials. Future plans. Testimonials.