Kabbalah Revealed – Interactive!

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Welcome to Kabbalah Revealed – Interactive! We’re excited to share this authentic wisdom just as it was passed down from teacher to student in secrecy for thousands of years. You’ll learn why it was hidden, why it’s openly revealed today, and how to unlock the laws of reality and the universe. You’ll understand human nature, what drives it, and how we can be fulfilled. Most importantly, you will understand how to bring a positive force into your life, one that will bring you harmony and joy.

We hope you enjoy the course as you get started and that it will open up for you a totally new field of meaning and fulfillment.


Lesson 1 of “Kabbalah Revealed Interactive”

Length: 75 minutesComplexity: Easy

Welcome to your first week of Kabbalah Revealed – Interactive. This week will provide an overview of the wisdom of Kabbalah: what it is, who can study and why it’s called “the hidden wisdom.” We will review the many misconceptions surrounding this ancient teaching, understand the reason this wisdom was hidden for so long, and why and how it can be revealed today.

Lesson 2 of “Kabbalah Revealed – Interactive”

Length: 75 minutesComplexity: Easy

Welcome! to week 2 of Kabbalah Revealed – Interactive. Our topic this week is sure to blow your mind. We are about to find out how we perceive reality, to better understand how we can transcend the limited and sometimes unpleasant perception we currently experience and enter “reality’s control room.” This lesson will lay the foundation for many advanced topics that we will learn together, so enjoy!

Lesson 3 of “Kabbalah Revealed – Interactive”

Length: 75 minutesComplexity: Easy

Welcome to week 3 of “Kabbalah Revealed – Interactive”! Our topic this week is one of the most compelling in Kabbalah: the assertion of the Kabbalists that all suffering in this world can be avoided! They maintain that there’s a sort of life-GPS, which allows a person to take a shortcut called the “Path of Light” – an exciting and fulfilling alternative to the course of events life otherwise has in store, which is called the “Path of Suffering.” We’ll learn what Kabbalists mean by the Path of Light, and how to make sure we’re on it! It’s a rich topic so prepare to be dazzled!

Lesson 4 of “Kabbalah Revealed – Interactive”

Length: 75 minutesComplexity: Easy

Before humans existed, before animals, plants, rocks, even before the Big Bang, there were four “elements” that constructed everything. These four elements are at the essence of everything in reality–all thoughts, actions, and material matter. These elements are called the Four Phases of Direct Light and they were the beginning. Ever since, everything has been operated (unknowingly) by this inner program. By learning these Four Phases we will be able to start understanding where we are, where we have been, and the beautiful goal we are being aimed toward, because this process underpins every thought, desire, and incident. These Four Phases are the basis for understanding what the Ten Sefirot are and many additional topics in Kabbalah. Let’s get to know this program that works in us!

Lesson 5 of “Kabbalah Revealed – Interactive”

Length: 75 minutesComplexity: Easy

This week’s topic enables us to answer some of our deepest questions: to understand why the Creator, who supposedly longs to be revealed and to fulfill us, never reveals Himself in our dimension and never will–not tomorrow, not in the afterlife, not in a thousand lifetimes. Instead, only when, prior to the Creator’s revelation, the person will already be in the same internal form as the Creator, will He be revealed. The instant a person becomes even 1% similar to the Creator, he or she crosses into the spiritual world. This is the Law of Equivalence of Form.

Lesson 6 of “Kabbalah Revealed – Interactive”

Length: 75 minutesComplexity: Easy

This week’s topic is by far the most important in Kabbalah. Everything revolves around it. It’s called, “There is none else besides Him.” You may wonder why kabbalists kept specifically this part of the wisdom concealed. So imperative was its concealment that kabbalists didn’t allow such words as these, to even be written down. That is, until Baal HaSulam allowed his son, Rabash, to transcribe the words he heard from him. Rabash in turn only permitted Dr. Laitman to see his notebook and forbade him to show any other students – even though some of them had been loyal students of Baal HaSulam. Why? It’s because this topic describes the individual’s private work towards the Upper Force. With this week’s article on this key topic, a student can rise through all the spiritual degrees.

Lesson 7 of “Kabbalah Revealed – Interactive”

Length: 75 minutesComplexity: Easy

Nothing is more coveted than freedom. The trajectory of human history is based on achieving an ever-increasing sense of freedom. “Are we free yet?” Have you ever felt that you’d like to achieve certain things, but you’re not free to, either because of inherent qualities or circumstances that prevent you? This week we’ll look at this long-debated topic of free will and learn from the Kabbalists that there is a narrow place where we can actually be free and influence our lives. On a wall of a thousand buttons, there’s only one we need to push!

Lesson 8 of “Kabbalah Revealed – Interactive”

Length: 75 minutesComplexity: Easy

The initial point of desire for spirituality is like a tiny fish in a sea of sharks – but it has a chance! After all, it’s destined to become a great desire that can swallow up all others. It’s up to us to feed and grow it to the size of the spiritual world, at which time we enter into it. Kabbalists provide the means, by giving this little one – the point in the heart – the proper direction, and freeing it of misconceptions that hamper its growth. This week we’ll clear up the biggest misconception of all, and clarify the razor-thin line that distinguishes kabbalah from all other paths.

Lesson 9 of “Kabbalah Revealed – Interactive”

Length: 75 minutesComplexity: Easy

Are you ready to learn what this world is for, why it appears to us as it does, filled with planets, vegetation and so many strange creatures? This week we will discuss the spiritual roots of the matter we see around us – still, vegetative, animate and human. More importantly, we’ll learn the hidden message behind it as special instruction for spiritual advancement.

Lesson 10 of “Kabbalah Revealed – Interactive” (Final Lesson)

Length: 75 minutesComplexity: Easy

We’re reaching the pinnacle of fundamental Kabbalah studies and everything is about to focus into a single point through which we can correct the whole world–beginning with any imperfections we see in our own lives. Now, if correcting the world sounds a bit daunting, it’s because by the ordinary approach it’s utterly impossible. But an inner psychological switch is all that’s needed to shift the workload to the upper force, which is capable of changing everything!