The Action Is The Reward

Question: If the whole world is inside me, then time is also inside me. Can you explain how to manage time inside oneself?

Answer: Imagine that there is no time. There is no next moment, as it is said: “Freeze the moment, it is magnificent!”

That is how you should act: there is no time, only a moment of my utmost adhesion with the Creator. Time is a psychological phenomenon. In Kabbalah, time is the frequency of change of spiritual states, not the ticking of the clock. The faster the states change, the faster time passes.

Question: So, if I do something and expect that a month or a year later I will get paid, is the expectation itself called time? But if I receive the payment right away, at the time of the action, then time seems to disappear?

Answer: When the reward occurs at the time of the action, meaning that the action is the reward, then there is no time. That is the magnificent moment.

Question: It follows that this moment is the best one in the life of the Kabbalist? He never thinks of the future?

Answer: The Kabbalist lives in both states simultaneously: in his personal state as well as in the collective one. He has to be concerned about the general correction of the world. For him, an action directed at the correction of the world is the reward. If the Creator gives him this opportunity, by doing so He is rewarding him.

From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/4/18

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