The appalling spectacle of a white supremacist in America driving a car headlong into a group of protestors in America, demonstrated just how divided American society has become and just how dangerous this societal division can be. Since the election of Donald Trump, the American people have become increasingly more polarized from each other.

It is not just the USA where this division is prevalent. The rise of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK also highlighted deep political divisions within UK society. Indeed, all across Europe deep political divisions are being exposed in several countries as far right parties are increasingly on the ascendency.

If internal division within countries were not bad enough, international relations between different countries are also being exposed. Tensions between America and Russia are at their lowest since the Cold War. China and India are now sabre rattling about disputed territory on their shared borders. North Korea and America continue their war of words and tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia are also at a peak.

Never has it been more important for the world to start coming together and putting their differences aside and start working together. Whilst this maybe considered by some as an idealistic pipe dream, it is also becoming apparent that the world desperately needs to diffuse these divisions and avert the threat of violence that is coupled with it.

Not only does humanity need unity to avoid the ugly spectre of violence, but it is also becoming increasingly apparent that we are living in an interdependent world that also demands unity. Increasingly our trade systems, economic systems and our financial institutions are becoming ever more interconnected. Our political problems as well often require multilateral responses to resolve them.

It is precisely because of this need to create much greater unity within society that the wisdom of Kabbalah is becoming more prevalent. It is through this wisdom that humanity can learn how to rise above their differences and learn to unite in a way that is beneficial to all people. Kabbalah offers itself as a practical method that can serve as a complete tonic to the alienation and separation that is affecting our societies so adversely.

Kabbalah is a practical process that is open to anyone who wishes to partake in its study. The purpose of the study is to take the student to new depths of understanding about who they are, the purpose of their existence and how we can solve all the problems and challenges that are currently affecting the whole of humanity. Never in the history of humanity has the world needed this wisdom so much.

Blogger – K D is a fervent student of Rav Laitman who has been studying Kabbalah for over 20 years. Based in the UK, he is a member of BB UK and  with a big heart to bestow love upon his friends in the UK and across the world.

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