Double Citizenship

After establishing himself in the spiritual world, a person transfers small portions of the King’s treasury from the old to a new state until he transfers it all. And although he does not see the fruit of his work, he tries to believe that he is working correctly.

The old home state is within me and within each of us. I took great care of it and accumulated a lot of property there—this is all my property, all of me; it is what gives me a feeling of life, of confidence. It all belongs to me and no one is allowed to touch it!

And suddenly, I decide that the most important thing for me is precisely what is outside my body, that is, other people, and I want to convey it to them. And then I begin to pull desires together with the fillings out of myself and pass them on to all the rest. I expect this to be my second state.

In carrying out this work, I begin to understand that in fact only the attitude I created in myself now with the help of the upper power and acting for the sake of what is outside of me is the only correct form of behavior.

It gives me freedom, allows me not to be attached to my desire to enjoy, not to live inside it, but to move into the desire for bestowal, to the stage of Bina. In this way we move from this world to the upper world.1

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/18, Lesson on the Topic: “Attacking the Connection”
1 Minute 46:30

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