Toward A Single Origin

Question: Earlier people believed in a multitude of deities, now we’ve come to monotheism and it is all the same, even with the understanding of the existence of an upper force, everyone still prays to their own power. It seems like there are two forces: good and evil?

Answer: The problem is that we don’t attribute them to a single force, stemming from the same source, a singular root.

It would be much easier for us if only we understood that it originates from the one source. Then we’d be able to discern: How can I change myself to be connected to the root, and not to the positive or the negative force? I will never find peace between them.

I cannot belong to the right or the left line, to a certain party, or to some movement, to nothing at all! We see that communism failed, as did capitalism, fascism, and feudalism, not to mention democracy. The right and the left lines exist solely for the purpose of forcing a person to come to the middle line and find the Creator in it. Both of these lines of government come from Him, and only so a person will link them  and thus build the Creator within oneself.

From these two lines, good and bad, understanding and misunderstanding, awareness and confusion, etc., I have to build the image of the Creator that exists outside of me.

I don’t know the Creator, but I can construct His image so He is in me in complete adhesion. So it becomes my image, my final state.


From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 10/14/18

Want To Change The World? Change Yourself

Question: How is it possible to use the negative and distracting events in material life for spiritual advancement?

Answer: We need to perceive our world as a single whole. There is nothing outside of the framework of the management from the upper world.

We are learning about the only power of nature, how it manages a person and humanity. Therefore, if problems appear in our lives, we need to attribute them to the same single force of nature. So, we need to understand that if we feel bad, this is only because we are lacking coordination with the demands that nature places before us.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how we must do this, how to position ourselves in relation to nature, how to unite, so that due to our good relations, we can properly direct nature to us..

Therefore, all of the negative influences from the surrounding society, ecology, climatic conditions, political life, economy, and all other events that happen to a person, we can decide for ourselves.

Everything depends only on good relationships between us; through them it is possible to “soften” all the problems, and not in any other way. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us, and we feel this through human communication.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, if a person wants to change the world, it is up to him to change himself and his attitude toward others. That is why we have organized ourselves into groups and are learning how to attract the positive force of nature to us so that it will change us.

To the same degree that it will change us toward a positive direction, the world will begin to be changed. This is the mutual relationship between us and the management system.


From the talk at a videoconference with the Learning Center students, 5/21/17

World Kabbalah Convention Israel 2019

Dear Reader,

There is still a chance to take advantage of an opportunity which may come once in a lifetime for many – to enter the system of spiritual development full-speed at our most cherished event of the year – The World Kabbalah Convention in Israel from the 19th to the 21st of February.

We are anticipating lessons from Dr. Michael Laitman, which include workshops where we will put into practice all that we are taught to experience shifts in our perception of reality, elevated feelings we didn’t know existed and were available for us to experience and that all-encompassing, strengthening and empowering sense of connection and unity!

There is so much to learn, grasp and experience!

Information and Registration Page for the World Kabbalah La’am Congress 2.19-21.2019

Location:  Expo Tel Aviv (Ganei Taarucha)  101 Rocach Blv. Tel Aviv



18 and above

starting from 2:00 pm youth who are in 7th grade and up can attend



Opening: Tuesday 02.19.2019

End: Thursday, 02.21.2019

Detailed schedule will be available soon


Arrival at the Location:

Public transportation details will be available soon

Private cars:

  • Paid parking is available on location


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Registration for the Congress February 2019

Discounted Price Until 01.31.2019

Registration for the congresses by log-in only, the registration is not personal

At the end of the registration process you will be sent two emails:

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Only those who present the personal ID code (QR CODE) will be able to enter.

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I Want Only One Thing

I do not work on my sensations and mind, I want only one thing: to be incorporated in others and receive through this inclusion new sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Through the connection with the friend, I am now building a man, Adam, similar to the Creator. I do not care about my current feelings because all of them are at the animalistic level.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/9/19, Writings of Baal HaSulam,“The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah,”

Where Do Our Thoughts Come From?

Question: Why does the Creator give me the sensation that my thoughts are my thoughts and my desires are my desires?

Answer: He does it in order for you to reveal that He is the source of all your thoughts and desires, both bad and good, all your actions, all that happens to you, around you, and outside of you.

While experiencing different thoughts, you consider them your own, but they are not yours.

Often a person catches himself realizing that these are not his thoughts. But where did they come from? Did they soar somewhere in the clouds and now landed in his head? Or he says: “No, I did not think so. Oh, I did not mean to say that.”

He in a way controls himself and sees that something wrong is happening with him. These are problems of our individuality and how we position ourselves.

From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/2/18

Reviving The Network Of Forces Of The Upper System

Question: Why were we given the sensation of independent existence in this world? It totally confuses us and doesn’t allow us to do something on our own.

Answer: On the contrary, you are given the opportunity to do everything to become like the Creator, to reach His level! It is a tremendous job.

Maybe it seems to you that if you say: “There is none else besides Him,” with that you wash your hands of everything: “You have problems? Contact the celestial administration, but I have nothing to do with it.”

No! You have to change yourself so that you will completely understand, feel, and discover for yourself the upper system and see how it operates absolutely everything through an infinitely thin network. Only by attaining the entire network of forces that govern the feelings, thoughts, and various connections between opposing creatures, will you be able to say that this indeed is the network of connections about which it is said: “there is nothing else but it.”

In the book A Sage’s FruitBaal HaSulam writes: “All the thoughts that arise in a person’s mind are actions of the Creator. That one seemingly attracts them from somewhere, or that they are born within him—it is a deception and the source of all deceptions. Any thought, even the most insignificant one, the Creator sends into the mind of a person, and He is the driving force of man, animal, and everything living.”

We need to clearly feel this and act accordingly. We must directly participate in this network of forces, to live within it, to bring it to live. We turn it on.


From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/2/18

A Slave Of Desires

Question: Am I a slave of pleasures or am I a slave of desires?

Answer: I am a slave to my desires. If I exchange one desire for another, then I always exchange a smaller desire for a greater desire that seems better to me. I am always only in my desires.

The question is: How can we rise above them? To transcend them, we need a group and the upper Light that will implement this action on us.

From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/15/18

Clarification of the roles of Gabai and Sh’Latz


Second part, minute 1


Rav : The role of the Sh’Latz (Community Delegate) is that he needs to awaken his ten several times a day to read a short sentence, perhaps from the Psalms or Rabash or Baal HaSulam, but short things.  That are suitable for us, that concentrate on being together, in a desire oriented towards the Creator. Israel, the scale and the Creator are One. This is what we need: to be connected in this way through this verse.  You will find these quotes for us. That’s the role of the Sh’Latz. The Gabai (Collector) must organize the group towards… What do you have there? 3 conferences per day. He must ensure that these are not mere coincidences.  There is a person committed to this task and they must do it. And if they don’t, you have to demand it from them. Not to replace this one with this one unless, unfortunately, an event occurred that prevents this person from performing.  If he has a certain problem. But, fundamentally, everyone must be in the role. Both this role and the other. How long should it be? For a week, I’m Gabai and the other one, I’m Sh’Latz and everyone in the ten goes through these roles.


Rav’s advices on : the daily state of the ten

 Lesson Morning, Part1, min 55
Rav : The Creator gives darkness. Each time He revales that : “I have created the evil inclination”. And it is upon the person to turn that into day, into Light. So, all of our work is in darkness.
 All right.
So the question is… Each ten should open a page, and write there the daily verse, as we call it. Whatever they’ve been through. Their state, how it has changed through out the day. The state of the group, of the ten. Not an individual. Niv separately, and Haim separately, and somebody else : No! Not Akoka or not David, by themselves : none! The group. Ok? Is it clear, did everybody hear me? I don’t want to know anything write now : I just want to read, that in the end of the day you fill up that page… You know, you can put 200 words there, it doesn’t have to be a ful page. Not too much. You can writ a lot if you want, but… And not verses, not that you’ll write these 200 words and put there some Psalms or something. Rather, what does the group thinks about itself, what kind of process did he go through during the day. Their group, the society, or the ten. Is that clear ?
Hopefully, it will organize you to connect, and care, and think… But : from everyone. That is : each ten which is not capable of writing should write down why they are not capable of it. Each ten who writes that they have zero change should write down why they have gone through zero change. I don’t want that, you know, that Rami would write with his nice signature, would send me warm regards or something. Is that clear ?
If it’s from the whole World, I need to organize something, someone. Who is going to be responsible for this ? I don’t know. You will open a mailbox, or we have such a box? (…) There is nothing prepared ? Ok, we’ll organize a place only for that. And all the groups should send it there, so, who’s responsible? (…) Ok, so you will send to me , inside this box, whatever is in there you’ll send me, but if possible in one email. It’s already a great work to organize everything together, yes? Send me the link and I will get into it. It shouldn’t be too many emails, yes. (…) go get there some help.


Second part, minute 5

Student :You gave us an exercice, to write the daily summary of the ten, about the state of the ten.

Rav : yes, that too.

student : I think it’s a very strong exercice, but I have a question. Meanwhile, this is what we do : everyone writes something that he thinks , and from that we build the state of the ten. Is it the right way to do it? I mean : everyone is going through his own state, but is it the state of the whole ten?

Rav : Afterwards you read it to each other?

Student : We fill the form…

Rav : I gave that for everyone personally, because if you go through it, you actualy inspect yourself. You don’0t need necessarily to read it to others. It’s jus for a person to check himself.

Student : Is it something personal, or the state of the ten, as one?

Rav : No, I meant that each one does this personally. Based on the word “to pray”, which means to inspect oneself, to judge oneself. Tan we say that every ten should do it, yes, I know, so I though that maybe once a week, or when you come together… I don’t know… Maybe it’s too much on you all the time, on one hand. On the other hand, I want you to go back on track as many times a day as possible. So that you don’t end up missing.

February 2019 Convention in Israel

We are looking forward to one of our biggest events of the year – the World Kabbalah Convention in Israel! As every year, everyone is welcome to attend, but please note that there are some changes this year, notably about accommodation.

This truly is one of the most impressive and uplifting spiritual events, so make sure you do not let this opportunity pass you by – and remember – attending a congress such as this one provides the same amount of spiritual information as several years of study in a Kabbalistic group! It could be the best gift you give to yourself, your soul and the world as we know it!

For more information, see the following document: