World Kabbalah Convention Israel 2019

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There is still a chance to take advantage of an opportunity which may come once in a lifetime for many – to enter the system of spiritual development full-speed at our most cherished event of the year – The World Kabbalah Convention in Israel from the 19th to the 21st of February.

We are anticipating lessons from Dr. Michael Laitman, which include workshops where we will put into practice all that we are taught to experience shifts in our perception of reality, elevated feelings we didn’t know existed and were available for us to experience and that all-encompassing, strengthening and empowering sense of connection and unity!

There is so much to learn, grasp and experience!

Information and Registration Page for the World Kabbalah La’am Congress 2.19-21.2019

Location:  Expo Tel Aviv (Ganei Taarucha)  101 Rocach Blv. Tel Aviv



18 and above

starting from 2:00 pm youth who are in 7th grade and up can attend



Opening: Tuesday 02.19.2019

End: Thursday, 02.21.2019

Detailed schedule will be available soon


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February 2019 Convention in Israel

We are looking forward to one of our biggest events of the year – the World Kabbalah Convention in Israel! As every year, everyone is welcome to attend, but please note that there are some changes this year, notably about accommodation.

This truly is one of the most impressive and uplifting spiritual events, so make sure you do not let this opportunity pass you by – and remember – attending a congress such as this one provides the same amount of spiritual information as several years of study in a Kabbalistic group! It could be the best gift you give to yourself, your soul and the world as we know it!

For more information, see the following document:

World Virtual Congress 2018


The first virtual Congress will take place this year between the 19th and 21st of October. Students from all over the world will gather in local mirror conventions to participate in a brand new form of Kabbalah conventions, which is all about connecting locally! More information coming soon!

Question from Mooshi, ML 08/08/2018 (end of the First part)

Mooshi : How can I , from one hand be despaired, and from another hand act?


Rav :

Don’t worry, from the group. If you are still connected to them, you will get from them. You just have to lower your head a bit and be inspired by the group. They are working correctly. We have an excellent group. If a person is able to integrate with it. And want to belong to them, to be under them, that’s sufficient. That is enough to come out of exile.


Mooshi : How to do this acting also in the relations between us? Because you said you don’t understand what can we fight about?


Rav: If it’s friends? Amongst friends ? I don’t understand


Mooshi : i’m involved, because of my duty, in thousands of conflicts. I can show you a list of reasons why people can fight. So, I’ma asking : What to do about it? How to do act?


Rav : give me examples, what’s the reason?


Mooshi : I will give you a list of every conflict and the reason for it. The reason is clear, we know it : it is human nature and everything. But I’m asking : how to do this task that we are used to do in the daily task ?


Rav : this is an indication that you’re not working correctly in the connection. It indicates that you’re not working properly in connection. You have to do something, and do very very direct and critical actions, even, that a person who does not contribute to the connection in the group doesn’t have a place here. Very simple. One who doesn’t contribute is harmful.


Mooshi : I’m not talking about the fact that he doesn’t contribute, that he doesn’t make an effort : I) am talking about the final result.


Rav : What’s the final result? Let’s say that there is work in the kitchen, or in another place. So, a person can translate, or you do something else. And someone who doesn’t do it. If he can, and he disregards it, then disregard outside, not here.


Mooshi : But that belongs to dissemination…


Rav : no no no, not dissemination that’s in what’s happening in your area. I’m not looking in the salaries. I’m looking at the obligation to the group. Dissemination, to me, is the obligation of the group to disseminate, otherwise the Creator will not relate to them. Because the Creator makes the account with the general correction of the entire kli, and not with a person himself or a small group. To me, dissemination is spiritual. It is spirituality! If we are going to give lessons or something like that, to me it is spiritual work! You are paying money for it, that’s your business. So I’ll leave this place too, why do I need this, I have a pension, why do I need this for, I can sit at home, good enough – what am I doing here?

What am I doing here if not dissemination? I don’t need you. Everything that we do, here, in this building, it’s all considered dissemination. We need to organize, to do that calculation with everyone. How we’re doing it or not? Whenever we can, we do it. And when we are not capable, we just delete it, and we know this is not for us.


Mooshi : Once again, let me go to the reasons of conflicts, which is obviously harms dissemination. Perhaps it’s a good thine. Perhaps this is how we can come to despair…


Rav : the fact that there are feuds (=long term conflicts), that could be good, if you know how to cope with that. And if the Creator gives us these feuds, and we don’t know how to cope with that, because it all comes from Him, than we need to move away from that kind of closeness.


Mooshi : So, what is the good results from such conflicts : being dispaird or…?


Rav : no, there are good results from the feuds is that : instead of hatred, we reach love. That’s it. The Creator gives us the flude, let’s say without any reason. We are not going to discuss, who is guilty, who is not, all of that… Are coming to love between you? To connection between you? Or not? If not, the flaw remains, and we have to do something about it.


Mooshi : So, what to do, I still don’t understand? What can we do?


Rav : What to do? Send them home. Send both of them home. If they can’t come to connection. What are we doing here ? This is the place where we connect.


Mooshi : but at home they will surely not make it to correction


Rav : I don’t care. They decide that they don’t want to reach connection here and reach the Goal. I’m guilty of that? I’m giving them an opportunity. If they work on it : great! If not : good by, make room for others.

With this kind of attitude, you’re just collecting pensionnaires here, or some kind of… I don’t know, you’re collecting bombs and miserable people. That’s impossible. I’m not talking about any point of reference, besides the attainment of the Goal.

Kabbalah Congress in Rome, Italy

This July 27th, 28th and 29th there will be a Kabbalah Congress in Rome, Italy! All are welcome!

For more information and registration, follow this link:

World Kabbalah Convention in New Jersey, USA 2018

May 3-6, 2018 will mark this year’s biggest spiritual event, the annual World Kabbalah Convention in Newark, New Jersey, and we’d love for you to join in the unforgettable connections and life-changing experiences that you’ll share with 100s of like-minded, friendly people.

Join us for up to 4 days filled with the deepest wisdom, lessons and workshops with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman, as well as music, culture, meals, and most importantly, to be part of an indescribably remarkable and warm atmosphere that reveals itself when many people gather to experience the wisdom of Kabbalah.

You can complete a year’s worth of spiritual advancement in just a few days of a Kabbalah convention, since a Kabbalah convention contains all the means for spiritual progress in their optimal concentration. All it takes is the initial effort to do whatever you need to do to walk through the convention’s entrance, and then you’ll be swept into a supportive, warm and elated environment that aims to bring out the best in everyone – the common human desire to discover the meaning of life and our fundamental connection to each other – and we’re sure you’ll head home with a renewed sense of purpose and a muchdeeper understanding of yourself, others and the reality we share.

Now’s the time to claim your spot: Early bird tickets to the May 3-6 2018 World Kabbalah Convention are on sale now with a 20% discount, but this price won’t last.

Ticket prices will jump once our early bird discount ends on April 16, and they’re already selling fast.

Don’t miss out on 3 days of unforgettable connections and life-changing experiences – it really wouldn’t be the same without you.

For registration and more information, please visit:

World Kabbalah Convention in Israel February 20-22, 2018

Welcome! We very much look forward to seeing you soon at the World Kabbalah Convention 2018 in Israel!

The World Kabbalah Convention will host 1,000s of people from around the world coming together to discover the force of connection and love.

The World Kabbalah Convention is an extraordinary opportunity to experience the connection with the spiritual force that binds us. In the past, tasting the supreme spiritual experience the wisdom of Kabbalah describes was limited only for few. Today, however, Kabbalists have lifted the veil over the wisdom, making it available to all.

Join Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman for lessons, workshops, meals and other activities that will open new experiences and insights into the reality we all share.

Your participation is welcome and truly valued.


Go here to register for the convention

World Kabbalah Convention | February 20-22, 2018
Ganey ha Ta’arucha, Pavilion 1, 101 Rokach Boulevard, Tel Aviv, Israel



“All as One” in Rome: 28-30 July

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Annual European Congress: Vilnius, Lithuania, November 3-5

From Italy and Germany, we head east – rocket speed ahead to the grand finale in Vilnius, Lithuania!

This is going to be the biggest European event of the year, accumulating and building upon the achievements in the previous conventions. This is a unique opportunity when the entire European continent plans to make huge efforts to gather in one place. In these three days, Europe will become the central focus of the entire worldwide Bnei Baruch – definitely not one to miss!

Did you know that congresses allow a person to achieve the equivalent of 6 months or 1 years work in just three days? This is because when such a large amount of people gather with one purpose, it generates an extremely powerful force. Such an atmosphere helps us to truly concentrate in a way that we are usually unable amid the distractions of daily life, and thus we dive into a completely new depth in our understanding and attainment.

On the menu:

  • Lessons with Michael Laitman (with Q&A)
  • Workshops
  • Gathering of friends
  • Cultural evenings
  • Festive Meals
  • & More

More info >>