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Clarification of the roles of Gabai and Sh’Latz

24.12.2018 Second part, minute 1   Rav : The role of the Sh’Latz (Community Delegate) is that he needs to awaken his ten several times a day to read a short sentence, perhaps from the Psalms or Rabash or Baal HaSulam, but short things.  That are suitable for us, that concentrate on being together, in […]

Rav’s advices on : the daily state of the ten

21.12.18  Lesson Morning, Part1, min 55 Rav : The Creator gives darkness. Each time He revales that : “I have created the evil inclination”. And it is upon the person to turn that into day, into Light. So, all of our work is in darkness.  All right. So the question is… Each ten should open […]