Rav’s advices on : the daily state of the ten

 Lesson Morning, Part1, min 55
Rav : The Creator gives darkness. Each time He revales that : “I have created the evil inclination”. And it is upon the person to turn that into day, into Light. So, all of our work is in darkness.
 All right.
So the question is… Each ten should open a page, and write there the daily verse, as we call it. Whatever they’ve been through. Their state, how it has changed through out the day. The state of the group, of the ten. Not an individual. Niv separately, and Haim separately, and somebody else : No! Not Akoka or not David, by themselves : none! The group. Ok? Is it clear, did everybody hear me? I don’t want to know anything write now : I just want to read, that in the end of the day you fill up that page… You know, you can put 200 words there, it doesn’t have to be a ful page. Not too much. You can writ a lot if you want, but… And not verses, not that you’ll write these 200 words and put there some Psalms or something. Rather, what does the group thinks about itself, what kind of process did he go through during the day. Their group, the society, or the ten. Is that clear ?
Hopefully, it will organize you to connect, and care, and think… But : from everyone. That is : each ten which is not capable of writing should write down why they are not capable of it. Each ten who writes that they have zero change should write down why they have gone through zero change. I don’t want that, you know, that Rami would write with his nice signature, would send me warm regards or something. Is that clear ?
If it’s from the whole World, I need to organize something, someone. Who is going to be responsible for this ? I don’t know. You will open a mailbox, or we have such a box? (…) There is nothing prepared ? Ok, we’ll organize a place only for that. And all the groups should send it there, so, who’s responsible? (…) Ok, so you will send to me , inside this box, whatever is in there you’ll send me, but if possible in one email. It’s already a great work to organize everything together, yes? Send me the link and I will get into it. It shouldn’t be too many emails, yes. (…) go get there some help.


Second part, minute 5

Student :You gave us an exercice, to write the daily summary of the ten, about the state of the ten.

Rav : yes, that too.

student : I think it’s a very strong exercice, but I have a question. Meanwhile, this is what we do : everyone writes something that he thinks , and from that we build the state of the ten. Is it the right way to do it? I mean : everyone is going through his own state, but is it the state of the whole ten?

Rav : Afterwards you read it to each other?

Student : We fill the form…

Rav : I gave that for everyone personally, because if you go through it, you actualy inspect yourself. You don’0t need necessarily to read it to others. It’s jus for a person to check himself.

Student : Is it something personal, or the state of the ten, as one?

Rav : No, I meant that each one does this personally. Based on the word “to pray”, which means to inspect oneself, to judge oneself. Tan we say that every ten should do it, yes, I know, so I though that maybe once a week, or when you come together… I don’t know… Maybe it’s too much on you all the time, on one hand. On the other hand, I want you to go back on track as many times a day as possible. So that you don’t end up missing.

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