World Kabbalah Convention in New Jersey, USA 2018

May 3-6, 2018 will mark this year’s biggest spiritual event, the annual World Kabbalah Convention in Newark, New Jersey, and we’d love for you to join in the unforgettable connections and life-changing experiences that you’ll share with 100s of like-minded, friendly people.

Join us for up to 4 days filled with the deepest wisdom, lessons and workshops with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman, as well as music, culture, meals, and most importantly, to be part of an indescribably remarkable and warm atmosphere that reveals itself when many people gather to experience the wisdom of Kabbalah.

You can complete a year’s worth of spiritual advancement in just a few days of a Kabbalah convention, since a Kabbalah convention contains all the means for spiritual progress in their optimal concentration. All it takes is the initial effort to do whatever you need to do to walk through the convention’s entrance, and then you’ll be swept into a supportive, warm and elated environment that aims to bring out the best in everyone – the common human desire to discover the meaning of life and our fundamental connection to each other – and we’re sure you’ll head home with a renewed sense of purpose and a muchdeeper understanding of yourself, others and the reality we share.

Now’s the time to claim your spot: Early bird tickets to the May 3-6 2018 World Kabbalah Convention are on sale now with a 20% discount, but this price won’t last.

Ticket prices will jump once our early bird discount ends on April 16, and they’re already selling fast.

Don’t miss out on 3 days of unforgettable connections and life-changing experiences – it really wouldn’t be the same without you.

For registration and more information, please visit:

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