Most Important Is An Abundance of Patience

The difficult thing about studying Kabbalah is that it requires you to acquire new values. That is why those who are not ready or willing to do so due to lack of patience, leave. They do not believe that this study will bring them actual results and do not really understand what this science is about.

Here you need patience to let the upper Light work on you—the force that transforms us into a new being. Gradually, we begin to feel, understand, and judge through new definitions.

Although it seems like someone is the same person on the outside, in reality he is completely different. He is impossible to define by the regular, corporeal definitions, values, and rules. Now he thinks in terms of similarity of form with the upper force, quite differently.

Such qualitative change is received through the influence of the upper Light, through undergoing an intricate inner revolution. This takes many years because such changes occur in a person gradually, in small steps.

And even this is hard to take. It is much easier to advance with the group that you can hold onto. If a person holds onto the group with his eyes closed, he overcomes all the difficulties.

He closes the door on his old values and receives new ones from the group, from the unification of the friends, meaning the new Kli, where ten become as one: he receives a new mind and feelings, a new attitude, new measurement units.

It is a very delicate, difficult period about which it is written: “A thousand enter the classroom and only one exits into the Light.” You have to have plenty of patience for the upper Light to work on you and give you new qualities. When it is said: “Do anything but leave,” this is what it is talking about.


From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/5/18, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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