World Kabbalah Convention in Israel February 20-22, 2018

Welcome! We very much look forward to seeing you soon at the World Kabbalah Convention 2018 in Israel!

The World Kabbalah Convention will host 1,000s of people from around the world coming together to discover the force of connection and love.

The World Kabbalah Convention is an extraordinary opportunity to experience the connection with the spiritual force that binds us. In the past, tasting the supreme spiritual experience the wisdom of Kabbalah describes was limited only for few. Today, however, Kabbalists have lifted the veil over the wisdom, making it available to all.

Join Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman for lessons, workshops, meals and other activities that will open new experiences and insights into the reality we all share.

Your participation is welcome and truly valued.


Go here to register for the convention

World Kabbalah Convention | February 20-22, 2018
Ganey ha Ta’arucha, Pavilion 1, 101 Rokach Boulevard, Tel Aviv, Israel



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