Transmission Of Spiritual Information


Question: Is it correct to say that the Creator teaches a student through the teacher?

Answer: Of course. It happened this way starting with the first Kabbalist Adam through the series of Kabbalists described in the Torah: Noah and all his sons, who really are not his sons, but his disciples, up to Abraham.

And further, from Abraham through other Kabbalists: Isaac, Jacob, etc., who are called his children and grandchildren. But, in Kabbalah, family relationships mean souls related through the transmission of spiritual information.

When it is written in the Torah that someone has given birth to someone, it refers to spiritual objects (Partzufim) that give birth to each other, multiply, and develop.

Question: So, Issac is not Abraham’s son, but his disciple?

Answer: Of course. He could have had 20 wives and 100 children, but so what? It is the disciples who are described in the Torah.

Question: When it says “Abraham’s family,” what does the term “family” mean?

Answer: It is a spiritual state: Abraham’s desire, called Sarah, from which the soul called Isaac, the left line, was born.

From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/1/17

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