Thoughts on the Perception of Reality

“The idea is that a person who studies the wisdom of Kabbalah discovers hidden phenomena in nature and sees a different picture of the world. He begins to live within it in addition to his normal existence in this world. He is found simultaneously in two channels of the perception of reality”

Dr Michael Laitman

The above statement can feel unreal to a person outside of the study of Kabbalah as his current understanding and education provide him with a reality that appeared at the time of his birth and is then totally ingrained within him from his education and life in this world. We perceive this world through our current five senses, and we build everything from within these senses.

The idea that there may be a reality existing outside our current perception is considered unbelievable and unattainable, and this understanding is supported by science and education totally without question by ordinary people in this world.

However, when we begin to delve a bit deeper into what we perceive, we begin to realise there are many instances where a different perception is available if we look a bit closer at the elements, plants and animals we see in this world. We know and understand a dog lives in a world of scent. Insects and reptiles view the world through heat and colour.

In addition our own scientific experiments have shown we can view everything through research tools that expand or magnify the current attributes of our five senses.

Examples of this include X Ray photography and radiography, and we have built detectors that can pick up on radiation, which is an energy that is completely invisible to us unless we use such detectors.

Just these few examples shows us that though we usually measure everything within our senses, we have proved that there are things, which would  normally be completely invisible or incomprehensible to us,  that we can now  perceive with the specific tools we build to allow us to detect them.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us that we can also acquire tools within our consciousness that will allow us to research a reality currently outside our five senses.

Kabbalah provides a person with the ability to use his environment to fine tune a sense, that we can all attain, in order to provide us with a tool to perceive the world in a totally new way. Through proper education and environment we can fine tune this ability and observe the world outside the current boundaries with which we were born or educated, giving us a chance to evolve as creation intended.

However to establish these new tools we have to understand they can only be attained by changing our current consciousness and perception, and for this we need  the desire to change our perception of everything we were taught and our present nature will allow.

Kabbalah builds these tools and educates us on how to use them.

It is a science that encompasses all sciences, and is available to everyone who reaches the correct ripeness. DESIRE!

Blogger – Michael Bush is a serious student of Rav Michael Laitman who has been studying Kabbalah since 2012. Michael Bush is a member of Bnei Baruch United Kingdom and lives in Chester.

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