Evaluating People According To Spiritual Characteristics

Question: Why do the intellectuals of society, the leaders of the generation, feel the greatest hatred towards people?

Answer: It’s because they are also uncorrected egoists. Those who reach high levels in social, political, economic, and even scientific fields, are people with very great one-sided egoism. It is natural that they perceive everyone else as their potential competitors and suspect that someone will harm them.

It is impossible to complain about people who don’t learn the wisdom of Kabbalah, with the same demands that one would make to Kabbalists. Many times I have heard: “He is a great actor!” but in regard to his spiritual characteristics, he can be the worst and lowest person. We are mistaken if we immediately stick a label of perfection on him.

Spiritual qualities are in love for others, and everything connected with love for others.


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