The existence of humans or our awareness as conscious beings is not coincidental, and for those that claim otherwise, it’s because it has not being granted them to discern this.

To be reading this text means, you have or are encountering the great question that has baffled humans throughout the generations, and while great philosophers have grappled with it and always been found wanting, the questions still stand strong and unanswered, “What is the Meaning of Life”? Or better still “What are we here for”?

Often these encounters by philosophers and most seekers, only give rise to suggestions and ideas in the secular world, superstitions, beliefs, and dogmas as in religions.

However practical examples abound in the world connotes that, all systems have either a memorised or documented form of operations and purpose for their creation.

Here to human existence, we refer to the WISDOM of KABBALAH.

As the wisdom was suppressed over thousands of years due to the unpreparedness of the human race, the misunderstanding and improper applications during its resurgence aided greatly in the establishing of the great Religions, unfortunately creating further confusion.

Now my dear friend, as the events bringing you to find this text were not self-orchestrated, I implore you to utilise this opportunity to seek the meaning of your existence through the Wisdom of Kabbalah.

My plea is not to believe but to eventually come to know what you are, how our world exists and what you need to do, by studying the authentic sources of Kabbalah.

The phrase in Kabbalah “There is none wiser than the experienced”, enforces the need for one to self-ascertain what the sages here written, by associating oneself with an environment of friends with the same yearning.

These yearnings to know, are granted to one who truly desires in the heart, and yes the journey, not an easy one, yet the opportunity to make this step for eternity lies in your hands.

Blogger – Solomon Boakye is a student of  Rav Laitman. He started studying Kabbalah in 2014 and is a serious member of BBUK studying the wisdom with his friends in the UK, where he resides.

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