The Archenemy Of Spiritual Development

Question: What thoughts or actions are most detrimental to our growth in Kabbalah? Which desire is our archenemy?

Answer: Laziness. Nothing else stands in our way. Only laziness.

You must bring yourself into such an environment that will constantly stimulate you, pull you forward, push you, provoke you. This is of utmost importance. Also, leave your egoism alone. It will disturb you, and rightly so. Do not agonize over your character or your qualities. You are created precisely that way in order to enter the upper world. The most important thing is to have more energy for work.

Question: Can you give an example of laziness in spiritual development?

Answer: Certainly. It is a lack of a person’s active involvement in the right environment, which can properly direct him, give him the right goal, and the energy to achieve it.

Question: What then is the corporeal laziness that prevents me to advance toward spirituality? Sometimes you tell us that the corporeal laziness is a good thing.

Answer: Regarding the corporeal world, laziness is a useful quality. The less hectic, the better. But once you have discovered the right path, you must pursue it with all your might to advance.

From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/24/18

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