Annual European Congress: Vilnius, Lithuania, November 3-5

From Italy and Germany, we head east – rocket speed ahead to the grand finale in Vilnius, Lithuania!

This is going to be the biggest European event of the year, accumulating and building upon the achievements in the previous conventions. This is a unique opportunity when the entire European continent plans to make huge efforts to gather in one place. In these three days, Europe will become the central focus of the entire worldwide Bnei Baruch – definitely not one to miss!

Did you know that congresses allow a person to achieve the equivalent of 6 months or 1 years work in just three days? This is because when such a large amount of people gather with one purpose, it generates an extremely powerful force. Such an atmosphere helps us to truly concentrate in a way that we are usually unable amid the distractions of daily life, and thus we dive into a completely new depth in our understanding and attainment.

On the menu:

  • Lessons with Michael Laitman (with Q&A)
  • Workshops
  • Gathering of friends
  • Cultural evenings
  • Festive Meals
  • & More

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  1. Natalie Kulgavin
    Natalie Kulgavin says:

    Hello! I have a few questions:
    1. Will Rav Laitman be giving lessons at Vilnius congress on Thursday afternoon, November 2nd?
    2. How far is the congress site from Vilnius airport? Would the in between commute be offered?
    3. Would meals be available at the congress site, if I come earlier and leave later?
    Thank you!

    • Lina Tvarijonavičienė
      Lina Tvarijonavičienė says:


      This time Rav will arrive to Vilnius on Friday morning, so there won’t be lessons on Thursday.
      Congress site is around 23 km from Vilnius airport. Our people will meet everyone in the airport and will help to get oriented with transport. They will assist with taxi or will lead to public transportation.

      There won’t be any organized meals during the days before/after the congress.
      There are several restaurants in the congress place. Also complimentary shuttle runs to Vilnius throughout the day for trips from the hotel to the city.

      See you in Vilnius!
      Accommodation Team


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