These terms and conditions shall apply to the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Convention held in Birnbach, Germany, on 25 to 27 August 2017 (the “Congress”) at the Christianopolis Konferenzzentrum des Lectorium Rosicrucianum in Westdeutschland, Im Sanig 1, DE-57612 Birnbach, Germany, https://www.rosenkreuz.de/west, (the “Hotel”) and any and all participants to the Congress.

  1.         ORGANISER

The Congress is organised by non-commercial, non-for-profit organisation Aschlag Research Institute-Bildungseinrichtung e.V. (kurz: ARI-Bildungseinrichtung e.V.), Wasserwerkstraße 33, DE-13589 Berlin, Germany, registration no. VR 27604 B, (the “Organiser”). The Organiser takes on the responsibility to provide an enjoyable Congress. In order to reach this goal it issues these terms and conditions.


Any individual can participate in the Congress (hereinafter referred to as the “Participant”) subject to the following conditions: (a) he/she has signed up for the Congress at the website of the Congress (the “Website”), accepted these terms and conditions, made all declarations hereunder and when registering provided accurate data; (b) he/she paid the price for the Congress in full; (c) he/she has received a confirmation email from the Organiser (other than automatic reply), which the Organiser may, whenever substantiated, refuse to grant or withdraw the confirmation later; and (d) before the entry to the Congress site he/she shall pass the registration procedure as required by the Organiser, confirm his/her acceptance of these terms and conditions and make all declarations hereunder in writing. Registration via the Website itself does not guarantee participation to the Congress. The refusal of any of these conditions will exclude the Participant from his/her participation to the Congress; in these instances the cancellation policy under the clause 14 shall apply, except for non-fulfilling condition set out in letter (c) above.

  1.         PROXY

The conditions set out in clause 3 can be arranged for the Participant by his/her proxy; in such a case the proxy declares that he/she is fully authorised to sign up the Participant for the Congress, to accept these terms and conditions, to make all declarations hereunder and to receive any and all correspondence on behalf of the Participant. The proxy shall ensure that all Participants, for whom he/she made the registration, are aware of these terms and conditions. The registration procedure shall be undertaken by each Participant in person, no representation is allowed; the clause 5 shall not be affected.

  1.         CHILDREN

Should the Participant be a minor, the conditions set out in clause 3 shall be arranged for on behalf of the Participant by his/her custodian (usually parent) as the child’s legal representative. The custodian of a child, by the registration, declares the following: (a) he/she is the custodian responsible for the child and is authorised to allow the child’s participation to the Convention; (b) he/she approves the participation of the child in all activities at the Convention; (c) gives consent under clause 13 on the child’s behalf; (d) assumes full and sole liability for the child and his/her behaviour; and (e) undertakes to compensate for any damages caused by the child. Each child may participate in the Congress under the sole responsibility of his/her custodian. The Organiser does not assume any liability for children and will not arrange for any supervision; clause 12 is not affected. Care and supervision shall be carried out solely by the custodian of the child or a person appointed by him/her. The custodian shall inform the Organiser about his/her mobile phone number and be ready to pick up his/her child without delay after being requested to do so. Entry to the Congress main activities is allowed for children from the age of 12 and above. Children up to the age of 12 can attend accompanying activities (games, drawing, etc.) if any that will be organised by the Organiser and volunteers. Children up to the age of 10 shall be under the constant supervision of an adult (usually parent).


The price for the Congress regardless of the type of accommodation (except for the participation without any accommodation) includes (a) a stay at the Hotel, at a type of accommodation selected; (b) meal plan; and (c) an attendance of all sessions listed on the Convention programme. The price does not include food or drinks sold at the Hotel’s bars, restaurants and the shop outside the meal plan. All additional amenities provided by the Hotel are to be paid by the Participant himself/herself in accordance with the Hotel’s price list.

  1.         ACCOMMODATION

The Hotel provides Congress premises, accommodation and catering. The Organiser has booked the accommodation for the Participants in the Hotel. Depending on the type of the accommodation chosen the Participant at the Website agrees to share a room with other participant(s) and accepts his/her preference regarding his/her roommates might not be honoured in some instances. The accommodations chosen during the registration cannot be modified or changed later. The Participant must vacate his/her accommodation and return the keys to the registration desk by the published checkout time on the day of his/her departure. The Participant will be charged a late checkout amount should he/she fail to check out by the specified time.

  1.         FOOD PLAN

Only vegetarian and/or vegan food is served at the Hotel as a part of Congress services (food plan). Refreshment (coffee breaks) during the Congress is arranged for through the Hotel. It is forbidden to bring ones own food and/or drinks to the Congress site.


Each Participant is required to organise his/her own transportation to and from the Congress site. The Organiser is not responsible for wrongly booked flights or other means of transport.


The Participant shall follow all instructions given by the Organiser. Smoking and alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited on any of the Hotel’s premises (including Hotel rooms, lobby, restaurant, Congress hall and open air) and are allowed in designated areas only. Meat and fish consumption and storage is strictly prohibited on any of the Hotel’s premises and is allowed to be consumed in designated areas only. It is strictly forbidden to bring hard or sharp objects and/or guns to the Congress site. The Participant is prohibited from carrying any type of weapon or any other objects, which in the Organiser’s opinion can be a cause for concern for the safety of the Convention or any of its Participants. The Organiser reserves the right to confiscate such items or to ask the holder of these objects and weapons to vacate the Congress site. No pets are allowed on any of the Hotel’s premises. No open flames may be lit on the Hotel’s premises. The Participant shall treat the others with respect and show due consideration to any other participants, roommates, volunteers, Organiser or a member of the Hotel’s staff. Any signs of offensive or aggressive behaviour towards others will not be tolerated. Any actions likely to cause bodily harm to the others or property damage to the Hotel or to the Organiser, as well as those negatively impacting comfort and safety to any persons at the Congress site will not be tolerated. The Participant agrees to inform the Organiser immediately after he/she or any of her/his group’s participant develops or recently has developed an infectious medical condition.


Whenever substantiated, the Participant may be denied access to the Congress site and be excluded at any stage of the Congress from further participation with respect to certain Congress activities or in full, mainly due to his/her behaviour contravening given rules and/or proper morality and/or civility, aggressive and/or offensive and/or improper behaviour, smoking, misuse of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs, forbidden meat consumption, illness or indisposition. The denial of the access to the Congress shall be without any refund.


The Hotel and the Organiser does not assume any liability for personal belongings of the Participant left unprotected or abandoned, mainly in common areas. Hotel rooms and vehicles must be kept locked, and monies and valuables stored in a safe. The Hotel and the Organiser are not responsible for any trauma nor any type of loss suffered by the Participant unless the trauma or loss is directly caused by fault or negligence of the Hotel staff or Organiser.

Each Participant is responsible for any and all damages he/she has caused to other Participants, Organiser and/or Hotel. Each Participant shall keep the accommodation in a clean and tidy condition and will be personally financially responsible for any damages caused to the Hotel’s property. If the Participant spoils a room or any other premises of the Hotel by alcohol, smoke or meat, he/she shall pay the costs for cleaning and renovation in full.


The Participant grants his/her consent to the Organiser to collect, store and process his/her personal data, including data aimed at his/her identification, mainly name and surname, gender, date of birth, nationality, address of residence, email address, phone number and other contact details, and languages spoken, for purposes of organising the Congress and its smooth progress, as well as arranging for the accommodation with the Hotel. For these purposes the Organiser is authorised to provide these personal data also to the Hotel. When processing the personal data of the Participant, the Organiser complies with the Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC).


The Participant accepts and is fully aware that the Congress will be filmed, broadcasted, filed and recording of it made publicly available through the Internet, television or any other broadcast, media, publications and the like in Germany and worldwide, and therefore he/she grants the Organiser the irrevocable right and permission to make and use photos, audio and video recordings of the Participant recorded and/or filmed during the Congress as described for educational, research, advertising, marketing, promotional and illustrative purposes. The Participant agrees to keep the Organiser harmless and free from any claims, demands and actions including, without limitation, monetary remuneration. The Participant consider harmless and free and release the Organiser from all claims, demands and actions that the Participant, his/her family, representatives, performers, administrators or any other person acting on his/her behalf or on behalf of his/her possessions, that could claim by reason of this authorisation. At the same time, the Organiser does not assume any liability for other Participants’ or third parties’ taking pictures, recording or filming the Participant contrary to his/her wishes and it is up to the Participant to request the person taking pictures, records or filming not to do so or limit the use of such pictures, records or movies.


The Participant may cancel his/her participation to the Congress at any time by notifying the Organiser by email. Cancellation notifications shall be sent to email address convention@kabacademy.eu from the same email address that was presented during the registration. The following cancellation fee will be charged:

Date of the cancellation notification delivery to the Organiser prior to the commencement of the Congress Cancellation fee
25 days or more than 25 days 0 €
10 days or more than 10 days and less than 25 days 50 €
less than 10 days 100 % of the price

In case of proven force majeure circumstances, the cancellation fee will be at the discretion of the Organiser. If the Congress has to be cancelled due to reasonably unforeseen circumstances, the Organiser excludes its liability for any costs other than the price of the Congress.


Any refunds will be processed and paid by the Organiser within 30 days after the end of the Congress. The Organiser is unable to make any refunds before the Congress is over. Refunds are subject to deductions of credit card fees and cancellation fees, as applicable.


Participation in the Congress and chosen accommodation may be transferred to another person (the “Substitute”). Transfer requests shall be sent to email address convention@kabacademy.eu from the same email address that was presented during the registration and shall specify personal details of the Substitute, namely his/her name and surname, gender, date of birth, nationality, address of residence, email address, phone number and languages spoken. The transfer is effective after the receipt of a confirmation email from the Organiser sent to both original and new email addresses. Financial arrangements, if any, shall be made by and between the original Participant and his/her Substitute; the Organiser shall not bear any liability for that. The Substitute shall pass the registration procedure under clause 3.


These terms and conditions shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of Germany.