Girdi yapan Yaakov

Passing the Light of Attainment Down the Chain of Souls

Every person has the right to examine whether the place he chooses to study is good for him. However, after a short test, he should make up his mind and enter the study process at the selected place without any further doubts. Otherwise, he won’t be able to reveal the Creator and His world. There […]

Rabash Essay

Rabash—the Social Writings  LAITMAN KABBALAH PUBLISHERS   Baruch Shalom HaLevi Ashlag RABASH—THE SOCIAL WRITINGS  opyright © 2010 by MICHAEL LAITMAN All rights reserved Published by Laitman Kabbalah Publishers     1057 Steeles Avenue West, Suite 532, Toronto, ON, M2R 3X1, Canada Bnei Baruch USA, 2009 85th street, #51, Brooklyn, NY 11214, USA Printed in Canada […]


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Window to the Heart

From the book “Attaining the Worlds Beyond” (If you want you can order a hard copy here)   It is clear that, since the creation of the world, humanity has suffered torment and pain in such magnitude, it has often been worse than death itself. Who, if not the Creator, is the source of that […]

Perceiving the Creator

Generations come and go, yet every generation and every individual asks the same question about the meaning of life. This happens especially at times of war and global suffering, and during periods of misfortune that befall each of us at some point in our lives. What is the purpose of life, which is so costly […]

Next Webinar: “Is Kabbalah a gateway to Freedom?”

Set the time: Sunday, 14.00 UK time (15.00 CET) Webinar with Michael Laitman on the topic: “Is Kabbalah a gateway to Freedom?” Live on   Ahhh… Freedom! We all crave it. We are all seeking it. But what is it? And more importantly, is it attainable?   Let’s talk about it. Bring your questions – […]

Annual European Congress: Vilnius, November 3-5

From Italy and Germany, we head east – rocket speed ahead to the grand finale in Vilnius, Lithuania! This is going to be the biggest European event of the year, accumulating and building upon the achievements in the previous conventions. This is a unique opportunity when the entire European continent plans to make huge efforts […]