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What Is The Future Of Cities?

Question: What future awaits cities? Answer: In the future, thanks to the development of communication technologies, humanity will not concentrate in big cities but will spread out. Many people will be able to work from home and all their consumables will be delivered. The home will be a bedroom, a study room, and in general, a place where a […]

The Archenemy Of Spiritual Development

Question: What thoughts or actions are most detrimental to our growth in Kabbalah? Which desire is our archenemy? Answer: Laziness. Nothing else stands in our way. Only laziness. You must bring yourself into such an environment that will constantly stimulate you, pull you forward, push you, provoke you. This is of utmost importance. Also, leave your egoism alone. It […]

Kabbalistic Associations

Rabash, Social Writings, “According to What Is Explained Concerning ’Love Thy Friend as Thyself’”: And we see that in reality, there is love of friends among the secular, too. They, too, gather in various circles in order to have love of friends. What, then, is the difference between religious and secular? The verse says (Psalms 1), […]

A Special Kind Of Egoism

Question: You are saying that our time is different from others in that low souls have descended into the world and selfishness has increased. What do you mean by that? Answer: I mean that we have come to the state when we need to break into the upper world. With our little egoism, aimed only at earning more or […]

World Virtual Congress

Our first virtual world kabbalah congress has come to a close and has left such an impression on students all over the world, that as a result, this congress marks the beginning of a new era of virtual congresses. The physical congress in Israel at the end of February is still going to take place, but in […]

World Virtual Congress 2018

  The first virtual Congress will take place this year between the 19th and 21st of October. Students from all over the world will gather in local mirror conventions to participate in a brand new form of Kabbalah conventions, which is all about connecting locally! More information coming soon!

Why Isn’t There Progress In Relations Between People?

Question: Why is there progress in everything except human relations, and wars continue to this day? Answer: There is progress in everything except human relations because we are becoming ever more egoistic and clever. On the other hand, however, we also understand that we cannot live the way we did in the past. The world […]

The Action Is The Reward

Question: If the whole world is inside me, then time is also inside me. Can you explain how to manage time inside oneself? Answer: Imagine that there is no time. There is no next moment, as it is said: “Freeze the moment, it is magnificent!” That is how you should act: there is no time, only a moment of my […]

Which World Is Real?

Question: Is it possible that the spiritual world exists only in Kabbalists’ imagination? What is the guarantee that it is real? Answer: Nobody can promise you and give guarantees that the spiritual world exists more realistically than our world. However, the fact that our world is not real has already been revealed by Kabbalists. They feel this by […]

What Is The Difference Between A Kabbalist And A Scientist?

Question: What is the difference between a scientist in our world and a Kabbalist? Answer: A Kabbalist is a researcher as is the scientist of our world; the Kabbalist simply has more universal instruments of knowledge in his hands. He ascends above his animal nature and explores what is called “the spiritual nature.” The scientists of our world […]