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How To Rise Above Time

Question: How can I rise above time? Answer: In order to rise above time, you need to tell yourself that you do not have a next moment—everything is in this instant. You should live this way; there is only one instant. In each moment, you do not transfer yourself into the next one, but at this instant, you […]

Past And Present

Question: Why can’t we communicate directly with the Creator? Why do we need an intermediary, like a teacher? Answer: It is not an intermediary. It is your previous state. The fact is, creation is a shattered system, which starts to correct itself like links in a continuous chain from the least, almost undamaged elements, to the more complex. An element that […]

To Comprehend Universal Consciousness

Question: Do we have the opportunity to comprehend the universal mind and learn how to correctly perceive, respond, and build our behavior in society and society itself? Answer: If we look only at our life and at our limited possibilities and properties, then the future “does not shine” for us. We see what is happening in the […]

Love On The Physical Level

Question: Can we see examples of true love anywhere so we can understand the possibilities of realizing it? Answer: An example of true love is the love of a mother for her child. This is love on the physical, beastly level, which can be seen in a limited form in animals and in a more extensive form in humans. If we […]

Who Will Manage The Future Society?

  Question: In the year 2018 will there be less stupidity in the world? Or vice versa, the more there is, the closer we will come to discovering it is foolishness? Answer: Both. Two opposites are necessary. On one hand, there will be much more stupidity, as we now see in politics. On the other hand, there will be many people who understand that […]

Evaluating People According To Spiritual Characteristics

Question: Why do the intellectuals of society, the leaders of the generation, feel the greatest hatred towards people? Answer: It’s because they are also uncorrected egoists. Those who reach high levels in social, political, economic, and even scientific fields, are people with very great one-sided egoism. It is natural that they perceive everyone else as their potential competitors […]

The Building Blocks Of Light And Darkness

It is an art to be able to handle the revelation of darkness as it gets stronger and stronger. From experience, a person understands that darkness comes only in order to point him in the correct direction. He loves the darkness, appreciates it, and tries to experience it in perfection. The darkness is only felt in his egoism, […]

Transmission Of Spiritual Information

  Question: Is it correct to say that the Creator teaches a student through the teacher? Answer: Of course. It happened this way starting with the first Kabbalist Adam through the series of Kabbalists described in the Torah: Noah and all his sons, who really are not his sons, but his disciples, up to Abraham. And further, from Abraham through other […]